Enable and set up the Unified Data Classification method

Before you can start configuring and using Unified Data Classification data classes, you have to enable the method in your environment.

Before you start

Required permissions


  1. Make sure the Unified Classification enabled setting is enabled.


    If you enable this setting, all data classes and classifications from deprecated classification methods, the old Edge Classification and Cloud Data Classification Platform, become unavailable.
    If you deactivate the setting, you revert back to your previous Data Classification setup and the previously defined data classes and classifications are available again.

  2. For each data source that you want to classify, add the Catalog Data Classification capability to the Edge connection.

    Note If you used the old Edge classification method before, it's possible that Collibra already created the capabilities for you with the upgrade to 2024.07. For more information, go to Migrating to Unified Data Classification.

  3. Give the Edge Site user the following global permissions:

    • Classification > Data Classes > List Values.
    • View Permissions > View All.
  4. Give your data stewards the global permissions they need. For more information, go to Required permissions. The available permissions are:

    • Classification > Data Classes > Classify
    • Classification > Data Classes > Read
    • Classification > Data Classes > Add
    • Classification > Data Classes > Update
    • Classification > Data Classes > Remove

What's next?