Data Stewardship


In Collibra 2024.02, we've launched a new user interface (UI) in beta for Collibra Data Intelligence Platform! You can learn more about this latest UI in the UI overview.

Use the following options to see the documentation in the latest UI or in the previous, classic UI:

The Collibra Data Stewardship application helps data stewards manage their daily tasks. It also helps the administrators to manage the stewards.
In Data Stewardship, stewards can monitor and maintain their own space in the company's data governance ecosystem. This space gives a clear picture of the responsibilities inside the data governance structure.

Data Stewardship submenu pages

Page Description
Organization Contains a view with the hierarchical overview of communities and domains.

Business Dimensions

Contains views for Business Process assets, Data Category assets and Line of Business assets.


Provides an overview of all tags in Collibra Data Intelligence Platform.

Physical Data Connector

Contains a table with high-level database information.


Contains a variety of statistics related to how the assets of Stewardship application are used.

Data Classification Shows the available data classes in your Collibra environment.

For information on the guide stewardship operating model, go to Guided Data Stewardship operating model.