Create a notebook

A notebook can be used for diverse tasks ranging from ad-hoc analysis to issue investigation and routine reporting. It includes both a text editor for adding content and an SQL editor for writing and running SQL queries against a data source.

Before you begin

  • You have a global role that has the following global permission: Product Rights > Data Notebook
  • A data source for Data Notebook is registered.


  1. On the main toolbar, click Products icon, and then click Data Notebook.
    The Data Notebook homepage opens.
  2. Click Create Notebook.
    A notebook is created, and the notebook page opens.
    • Your notebook is not visible to others until you publish it.
    • You can work on your notebook later if needed. You can find your notebook in the Your Private Notebooks section of the Data Notebook homepage.
  3. Enter a name to identify your notebook.
    Your changes are saved.

What's next?

Add content to a notebook or run a query.