Prepare a domain for BI asset ingestion

Before you can ingest BI metadata, you have to designate a domain for storing the new BI assets. You can choose an existing domain or create one or more new domains. You then have to include the domain reference ID (or IDs) in the appropriate configuration file.

Important The amount of domains into which you ingest assets differs according to your BI tool:
  • Looker: You can designate one domain in the lineage harvester configuration file. However, you can also set up a filter in the <source ID> configuration file, to ingest into different domains.
  • MicroStrategy: You can ingest into one domain.
  • Power BI: You can ingest into one or more domains.
  • SSRS-PBRS: You can ingest into one domain.
  • Tableau: You can ingest into one or more domains.



  1. On the main toolbar, click .
    The Create dialog box appears.
  2. Click the Organization tab.
  3. Click BI Catalog.
    If you clicked the wrong domain type here, you can change it in the Type field in the next screen.
    The Create Domain dialog box appears.
  4. Enter the required information.

    Domain Type

    The domain type of the domain you are creating. In this case, you need to select BI Catalog.

    CommunityThe community under which the domain will be located.

    Domain Name

    The name of the new domain or domains.


    You can create multiple domains in one go.
    To do this, press Enter after typing a value and then type the next. Domain names have to be unique in their parent community. If you type a name that already exists, it will appear in strike-through style.

  5. Click Create.
  6. Open your domain. If you created multiple domains, open each of them in turn.
  7. Copy the reference ID of each domain you created.
    Tip If you go to your domain, you can find the domain ID in the URL. The URL looks like: https://<yourcollibrainstance>/domain/22258f64-40b6-4b16-9c08-c95f8ec0da26?view=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000040001. In this example, the domain ID is in bold.
  8. Paste the domain reference ID (or IDs) in the appropriate configuration file, depending on whether you want to ingest Tableau assets in a single domain or multiple domains.
    For complete information on which properties and which configuration files to use, see the domainId property description in the Prepare the lineage harvester configuration file topic for the relevant BI tool.

What's next?

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