Manage global role permissions

You can determine which global permissions are included in a global role.

Requirements and permissions

You have a global role that has the System administration global permission.


  1. On the main toolbar, click Products icon, and then click Cogwheel icon Settings.
    The Collibra settings page opens.
  2. Click Roles and Permissions.
    The roles and permissions settings appear on the Global Roles tab page.
  3. In the tab pane, click Global Permissions.
    The matrix of global permissions and roles appears.
  4. If required, add or remove columns:
    • On the content toolbar, click Legend icon and select or clear the role checkboxes.
  5. Above the table, to the right, click Edit.

    You can now edit the matrix of permissions and roles.

  6. Select or clear the checkboxes for a role to add or remove permissions.
  7. Above the table, to the right, click Save.