Protect is a capability of Collibra to protect sensitive data and grant varying levels of access to the data to specific groups of people through policies that do not require you to code. It enables you to build and manage policies in a single place and enforce those policies across various cloud platforms to ensure that sensitive data is always protected. You can enforce data protection at the source database level directly from the Protect interface, and apply advanced data protection through masking, redacting, and hashing.

Protect simplifies access governance and eliminates the need for repetitive actions and approvals. By providing permission to view information to only those who need it, Protect minimizes risk and promotes a safe data culture in your organization.

You can also use Protect to provide differential access, for example, to give everyone access to a data set but allow certain type of access to only certain groups of people based on data categories.

Note Protect supports the following data source providers. APIs are also available for building custom integration solutions.