Policy Manager

The Policy Manager application provides the key functions to adopt, implement and monitor the digital policies for the enterprise.

With Policy Manager, Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud users can easily have:

  • An overview of the enterprise’s governance assets.
    • Standards, for example ISO-standards or other local standards.
    • External regulations, for example GDPR.
    • Entities, such as EBA, ISO, EC, FDA and so on.
    • Internal regulations, for example policies, goals, constraints and so on.
    • Controls, like a dissemination plan.
    • Risks, evaluation and mitigation, for example privacy risk and market access risk.
    • Accreditation and certificates, for example conformance certificates.
  • An overview of the policy lifecycle:
    • Adoption: See the regulations and the respective regulations, paragraphs, sections, to check the adoption of the applicable regulations throughout the enterprise.
    • Compliance: Monitor how the enterprise’s data governance program can be traced to the policies and if there are compliance gaps.
    • Risks: Define the risks and their mitigation rules, and trace them to the policies and data assets

Policy Manager submenu pages

Page Description

Governance Assets

Contains a table with Governance assets.


Contains a variety of statistics related to how the assets of the Policy Manager are used.