Create a JDBC connection

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You can create a JDBC connection from an Edge site to a data source. You can then register the data source via Edge.


In Collibra 2024.05, we launched a new user interface (UI) for Collibra Data Intelligence Platform! You can learn more about this latest UI in the UI overview.

Use the following options to see the documentation in the latest UI or in the previous, classic UI:



  1. Open an Edge site.
    1. On the main toolbar, click Products icon, and then click Cogwheel icon Settings.
      The Collibra settings page opens.
    2. In the tab pane, click Edge.
      The Sites tab opens and shows a table with an overview of the Edge sites.
    3. In the Edge site overview, click the name of an Edge site.
      The Edge site page appears.
  2. In the JDBC Connections section, click Create Connection.
    The Connection settings page appears.
    The Create Connection dialog box appears.
  3. Click the Username/Password JDBC connection connection type.
  4. Enter the required information.



    Connection settings

    This section contains the settings to connect to your data source.


    The name of the JDBC connection.


    The description of the JDBC connection. This field is also visible when you register content.


    The vault whose secrets you want to use to fill out fields.

    This field is only available if one or more vaults have been configured for your Edge site.

    Connection provider

    The connection provider, which determines the available connection parameters.

    Connection parameters

    This section contains general settings to connect to your data source.


    The username to access your data source.


    The corresponding password to access the data source.

    Driver class name

    The driver class name of the connection.

    Driver jar

    The JAR file contain the JDBC driver.

    Click Upload to upload a JAR file.

    Additional classpath files

    Any additional classpath files that you want to upload. Use this field if you want upload more than one driver file.

    Connection string

    The JDBC connection string.

    Warning Some connection properties can be added to the URL as name-value pairs separated by semicolons. However, most properties in the URL are ignored. Therefore, we recommend you not to use this mechanism unless we explicitly ask you to. We recommend you to specify all connection properties in the Connection properties section.

    Connection properties


    This section contains the connection properties.

  5. Click Create.

What's next?

You can now add a capability to ingest or profile a data source.