Request input

You can send an email to specific users, requesting their participation in the development of a Process Register domain.


In Collibra 2024.05, we've launched a new user interface (UI) for Collibra Data Intelligence Platform! You can learn more about this latest UI in the UI overview.

Use the following options to see the documentation in the latest UI or in the previous, classic UI:


  1. Go to the relevant Process Register domain page.
  2. On the Actions menu, click Request input.
    The Invite to Business Process Register workflow is started, and the Request to review sidebar is shown.
    Tip If the Request to review sidebar is not shown, click View taskclick the Tasks icon text to the Actions menu ().
  3. In the Request to review sidebar, enter the required information.
    Select business usersThe users to whom you want to send the email invitation.

    The body of the email.

    You can retain the default text or edit it as needed.

  4. Click Send.
    The email invitation is sent to the selected users.