Public betas

A public beta is an upcoming feature or product that is made available to all customers before it is fully ready for general availability so it can be tested and evaluated early.

Public betas are not yet finalized, so they are likely to change more frequently and drastically than regular features and products. The timeline from public beta to general availability depends on the product or feature itself and on the feedback received from customers.

Collibra may collect feedback about usage, usability, user experience, feature completeness and enterprise-grade aspects. For example, Collibra may ask end users for feedback via in-application guides and/or surveys, or end users can submit feedback on their own initiative through their familiar channels:

Customer feedback may influence the development of the feature or product, though not all suggestions may be implemented.

All customers within all or specific supported regions can enable most public betas in either Collibra Console or in the Collibra settings.

Customers have to follow the scheduled maintenance cadence of Collibra to work with a public beta, even if the feature or product is hosted outside the Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud platform, such as technical lineage, Edge, Workflow Designer, Collibra Data Quality & Observability.

The Collibra performance warranties and SLAs, including support response times and uptime guarantees do not apply to public betas. Collibra also does not guarantee backward compatibility of new REST APIs of the beta feature. Finally, Collibra reserves the right to make changes to this disclaimer without prior notification.