Create a domain


In Collibra 2024.05, we've launched a new user interface (UI) for Collibra Data Intelligence Platform! You can learn more about this latest UI in the UI overview.

Use the following options to see the documentation in the latest UI or in the previous, classic UI:

You can create a new domain in a community.


  1. On the main toolbar, click .
    The Create dialog box appears.
  2. Click the Organization tab.
  3. Click a domain type from the list. To create a Process Register domain, use the Process Register domain type.
    If you selected the wrong domain type here, you can still change it in the Type field in the next screen.
    The Create Domain dialog box appears.
  4. Enter the required information.

    Domain Type

    The domain type of the domain you are creating.

    This field contains the domain type that you clicked in the previous step. You can change it if needed.

    CommunityThe community under which the domain will be located.

    Domain Name

    The name of the new domain.


    You can simultaneously create multiple domains.
    To do so, after typing the name, press Enter, and then type the next name. Domain names must be unique in their parent community. If you enter a name that already exists, it appears in the strike-through style.

  5. Click Create.