Standalone Install (AWS CloudFormation)

This section describes how to install and configure Collibra Data Quality using the AWS CloudFormation stack.


To install Collibra Data Quality using the AWS CloudFormation stack, you need an AWS user account with permissions to provision AWS resources.


1. Login to your AWS account and navigate to CloudFormation from the search bar.

2. In CloudFormation, click the Create stack button and provide the S3 location for the template.

3. Click Next.

4. Follow the prompts and select the appropriate instance type, VPC, subnet, and key values based on your AWS account. Rest accepts everything by default.

5. Click Next.

Note This process takes 10-15 minutes to spin up the EC2 instance and deploy Collibra DQ.

6. In the Events tab, you can monitor status of your stack.

7. Once your stack is created, click the Outputs tab to access the CDQ Login URL.

Collibra Data Quality Login URL

8. In the Value column, click the CDQ Login URL.

Note Your CDQ instance comes with sample data and prewired DB connections.

9. To uninstall and release the resource, delete the stack.