Best Practices

Multi Tenant Names

Note Tenant names should be lower case only.

Understanding Collibra DQ activities and what the key/date columns mean for each

  • Starting with profile and expanding to rules and then other advanced capabilities.
  • Training with DQ-team Zoom/Onsite support.
  • Running with sample data.
  • Introducing anomalies on sample data and running an owlcheck to see the anomalies.

Using the tool with practical scenarios

  • Having Well Defined Use Cases
    • Determine a single table (dataset) that you would like to scan.
    • Have an expectation of what you would expect DQ to find in this dataset.
    • Understand which activities would capture the expected findings.
  • Target internal datasets with known data issues.
  • Historical Comparisons:
    • If pre-cleaned data is available with data findings that have been cleaned via legacy methods such as internal rules, run these datasets and compare the results from DQ to Internal findings.
  • Work with data owners to understand findings or review expected findings.


  • The date selected with the calendar widget in the Scope (home) tab should align with the calendar widget assigned on the final (Save/Run) tab.
  • If you elect to Unlock the cmd line and override the final parameters, do not re-lock or the changes will be overwritten. In general, only advanced users should override the guided settings.
  • Pushdown and parallel JDBC cannot be used together. If you are using pushdown, do not select the parallel JDBC option.


  • File paths should not contain spaces or special characters.
  • Backrun (replay) and advanced features are best suited for JDBC connections. Some features are unavailable if file and storage naming conventions do not consistently contain a date signature.

Connection Pool

If you see this message, update the agent configs in or agent confg map for k8 deployments.

Failed to obtain JDBC Connection; nested exception is org.apache.tomcat.jdbc.pool.PoolExhaustedException: [pool-29-thread-2] Timeout: Pool empty. Unable to fetch a connection in 0 seconds, none available[size:2; busy:1; idle:0; lastwait:200].

Adjust these configs to modify the connection pool available.


Freeform Agent Configs

When configuring the DQ Agent and using the Free Form Parameters at the bottom of the dialogue, you need to comma separate multiple -conf key/value pairs. Use this format: "-conf some.key=x, some.other.key=y".

K8 Secrets

The following Env Vars are now managed as a Secret instead of as a Configmap: