Admin Console

Dashboard, Inventory, Connections, and Configuration are shortcut links to different operations within Collibra Data Quality & Observability.

  • Dashboard
    • Shows an overall number of DQ Checks scanned the MB’s, total jobs, total records scanned.
    • Total number of data sets, including passing and failed jobs (quality fails), number of alerts, and number of rules.
    • A list of messages on specific DQ Checks and what was found.

DQ Admin Console Dashboard

  • Inventory
    • All DQ Jobs ever executed including Run Date, Data Set, Command Line, Type, Query, and Connection.
  • Connections
  • Configuration
    • Apply administrative override limits. For example, you can limit the amount of DataShapes recorded on a specific data set with the datashapelimit field.
    • If a duplicate record is found have a 1 point (negative) score per record. Allows administrators to increase or decrease the impact of different DQ issues found.
    • Display limits in order to improve performance of the UI.
  • Audit Trail
    • List all security related changes by user, action, description and timestamp in a searchable, sortable table.