Adding a connection to a DQ Agent

When you add a new database connection, the DQ Agent must be given the permission to run DQ job via the specified agent.

From Fig 3, select the chain link icon next to the DQ Agent to establish a link to the DB connection. A modal to add give that agent permission to run DQ jobs by DB connection name will show (Fig 5). The left-side panel is the list DB connection names that has not been linked to the DQ Agent. The right-side panel is the list of DB connection names that has the permission to run DQ job.

Double click the DQ connection name to move from left to right. In Fig 5, DB connection named "metastore" is being added to DQ Agent. Click the "Update" button to save the new list of DB Connections. Fig 5: Adding DB Connection named "metastore" to the DQ Agent. Fig 6: How to add all connections to the selected DQ Agent