Customize the Data Notebook workspace

A default color palette is automatically applied to all the charts generated in Data Notebook. You can, however, customize this default palette for all users.

Tip You can also override the default color palette by selecting specific colors for each chart directly within a notebook. For more information, go to Customize the notebook chart.

By default, Data Notebook formats the numbers shown in the query results based on the user's web browser settings. For example, if a user's browser is set to US English, the numbers are formatted according to the US English conventions. You can, however, change the number formatting in Data Notebook for all users. This ensures that regardless of the individual browser settings, numbers are formatted according to the locale you select.

Before you begin

You have a global role that has the following global permissions:

  • Product Rights > Data Notebook
  • Data Notebook > Manage Settings


  1. Open the Workspace page.
  2. In the Charts default color palette section, select the color set.
    The Edit color palette dialog box appears.
  3. Enter the required information.
    NameA name to identify the color.

    The hexadecimal code of the color you want.

    Clicking the color itself opens a color palette for finer adjustments.

    Apply automatically to columns

    Names of the columns to which you want the color to be applied when the columns are shown in charts.

    To separate the columns, use a comma.

    Example STARTER, number_of_users
    Your changes are saved and applied to all notebooks.
  4. In the Enforce locale for number formatting section, in the drop-down list, select the required format.
    Your changes are saved and applied to all notebooks.