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Implementing Data Marketplace

Data Marketplace for Admins


General updates

  • The Data Marketplace search now allows for brackets (), [], {}. If you use them, make sure to always close the brackets.
  • To align Data Marketplace and Catalog, we now sort columns by column position in the Columns tab of a Table asset preview. In other tabs (Details) and in Data Set assets, columns are sorted alphabetically.
  • In asset previews that show a table of columns or report attributes, we now also show the Description of the columns or attributes.

Updates for admins

  • When you delete a custom relation index, we start the relation reindexing instead of the full reindexing.
  • When you create a custom relation index, you can now add other attribute types than text to your relation index path. The newly supported attribute types are Selection, Multiple Selection, Numbers, and Boolean (True/False).
    Check the relation-based search limitation for more information.

In Beta