When you encounter an issue in Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud, the log file can provide a lot of interesting information about what is happening/has happened.

Whenever there seems to be something wrong with the product, it is good practice to check the log file first.

When you report a problem to Collibra support, it is recommended to immediately attach the log file(s) to your support ticket.

Depending on the configuration, the log file shows you:

  • Errors that have occurred on the server side
  • Basic information about tasks that are performed
  • Detailed information about every action that has been performed
  • The date and time an event occurred
  • The thread that is executing an action
  • The log level of the message

You can see consult the log files in Collibra Console, or you can download the log files in Collibra Console.

If you download the log files, they are compressed (zipped). You have to decompress them before you can read them. You can use any text editor, like Notepad to read the log files.

Tip If the log file is displayed as a single, long line in Notepad, download and use the (free) text editor Notepad++ from http://notepad-plus-plus.org

The log files can also be found on the file system of the server /opt/collibra_data/<component>/logs. For more information on the Collibra directory structure, see Product architecture.