Set up Power BI

Before you start the Power BI integration process, you have to perform a number of tasks in Power BI and Microsoft Azure. These tasks, which are performed outside of Collibra, are needed to enable the lineage harvester to reach your Power BI application and collect its metadata.

The tasks include the following:

  • Attain authentication.
  • Register your Power BI application in Microsoft Azure and set permissions.
  • Fulfill the Power BI dedicated capacities and roles requirements for Power BI workspaces.
  • Create a cloud security group and add your Power BI application as a member of that group. For complete information on creating a security group and adding members, see Microsoft's documentation.
  • Ensure that the lineage harvester can connect to the following URLs:
    • The URL of your Power BI tenant, part of which you have to specify in the tenantDomain property of your lineage harvester configuration file.

The metadata harvesting process explains in detail the prerequisites for enabling the lineage harvester to collect the Power BI metadata.

Note There are some limitations to the metadata harvesting process. Ensure that you understand these limitations before you start the harvesting process.

Warning Because these tasks are performed outside of Collibra, it is possible that the content changes without us knowing. We strongly recommend that you carefully read the source documentation.

Supported Power BI subscriptions

You need one of the following subscriptions to ingest Power BI metadata in Data Catalog. The metadata collected by the lineage harvester is the same, regardless of your subscription.

  • Power BI Pro.
  • Power BI Premium.
  • Power BI Premium Per User.

Tip We highly recommend you to have a Power BI Premium subscription.