Set up Looker

Before you start the Looker integration, you have to enable Collibra to access your Looker data. The Looker integration process uses a Looker API. To access the Looker metadata, the Looker API uses API3 credentials for authorization and access control.

Warning Collibra Data Lineage uses the API 4.0 endpoints GET /queries/<query_id> and GET /running_queries. Due to a security update by Looker, the behavior of these endpoints has changed. Therefore, you must now:
  • Select the "Disallow Numeric Query IDs" option in Looker.
  • Ensure that your Looker user has the Admin role.
For complete information, see the Looker Query ID API Patch Notice.


  • You have the necessary permissions in Looker to see the Looker data.


  1. Create a user with the Admin role.
    Tip Only a user with a role that has the Admin permission set can create API3 credentials. Some Looker API calls also require a role that has the Admin permission set.
  2. Create the API3 credentials.
  3. Use the API3 credentials in your lineage harvester configuration file.

Note API3 credentials are always linked to a Looker user account. As a result, calls to the API only return data that the user is allowed to see.

Tip For more information, see the Looker documentation.